Bean Mosaic

Teach your children how to make a beautiful beans mosaic that they will be proud to show off to all their family and friends. With their varied shapes and colors, beans and legumes are ideal for mosaic art craft projects. You can choose to make a random design or create your own picture for this project. If you choose the latter, you need to draw an outline on paper first or you can simply print out patterns from the internet. There are many designs available all over the web and the good thing is that you can even reuse these patterns for other art projects because you will only need them as outlines as where to glue the beans.

For this particular beans mosaic kids craft project, the main materials required are readily available in your own kitchen. Or, if you do not have many kinds of dry beans on hand, you can pick up some beans of different sizes and colors when you do your grocery shopping. The best kinds of beans for art mosaic purposes include lentils, peas, black beans, navy beans and kidney beans.

The materials needed for this beans mosaic craft project are

  • Dry beans
  • Wood board or any thick cardboard with sturdy backing
  • Pencils
  • Modeling clay
  • Glue

Because little kids are going to do this project, it would be best to keep the details as simple as possible. Faces of Disney characters will produce amazing results for beginners and younger kids. You can choose to glue the beans directly to the design drawn on the cardboard or you can choose to put a thin layer of modeling clay as the base. The modeling clay would work best for younger kids who are not yet very good at gluing the beans in detail. For older children, however, it would be fine to glue the beans directly to the cardboard. Be sure not to apply too much glue as it will cause the cardboard to curl, especially if the cardboard you are using is not too strong.

rhino beans mosaic

The best way to achieve a neat bean mosaic is to apply glue to a certain portion of the design a little at a time. This will prevent the glue from drying out and will not cause the children to rush. Also, when you glue the beans into place, cover the entire portion requiring a particular bean color or type before you start with the next color. That way, you can prevent the beans from getting all mixed up.

Doing the project in a relaxed pace will help guarantee a more beautiful output. Making a beans mosaic is such a fun craft idea that will keep your children occupied for hours. This will make a great pastime during weekends when kids do not have much to do with their time. And the best part of it is that the kids will be proud to display their beautiful mosaic with all their friends and relatives.

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